Enquiries about Weddings should be directed to this email address.

Enquiries about Baptisms should be directed to this email address.

Hub Leader Rev Jeremy Thomas Tel 01942 727275
Hub Associate Rev Sue Fulford Tel 07539 204553
Hub Administrator Mrs Sue Thomas Tel 07877 704645
Reader Mrs H Steele Tel 01744 894111
Reader (Training) Mrs L Leppard Tel 01744 892713
Assistant Warden Team Mrs T Holland

Mr P Hughes

Tel 01744 893905

Tel 01744 732890

Assistant Treasurer Team Mrs J Roberts

Mrs L Webb

Tel 01744 895151

Tel 01744 608363

Gift Aid Scheme Mr P J Stott Tel 01744 895751
Bible Reading Fellowship Mr H and Mrs C Wareing Tel 01744 894759
Children’s Society Mrs J Grundy Tel 01744 603208
Church Magazine Mr J Gavin Tel 01744 895061
Flowers Mrs J Andrew Tel 01744 892877
Hot Chocolate Mrs L Hughes Tel 01744 732890
Mothers Union Mrs J Berry Tel 01744 894173

Mothers Union Secretary

Mrs K Milligan

Tel 01744 892102

Overseas Committee Mrs J Birchall Tel 01744 892360
St Aidan’s Primary School Mrs R Fisher Tel 01744 678042
Toddler Church Mr H Wareing Tel 01744 894759
 USPG Boxes Mr J and Mrs B Bridge  Tel 01744 894528 

We are an evangelical, Anglican Church and you are most welcome to join us in our services